Women's Empowerment Program

Confident,Fearless,Safe. Now it's Your Turn.

Confident,Fearless,Safe. Now it's Your Turn.


"As a father of three daughters, I really appreciate the important work Kurukula does for women." Chief Mike McQuiston,
-Albany Police Department

"Kurukula is really awesome, unique, and very necessary for girls and women." Jan Dombrower,
-MFT Child and Family Therapist

"Kurukula Women's Empowerment was a great workshop for our middle school Girl Scouts. Teaching them to listen to their instincts and speak up for themselves was very powerful. The girls learned to stop an uncomfortable situation by just using their words and "No!." The class was even more effective by including the moms. Thank you for teaching the importance of empowerment to our girls."
-Catherine Arthur, RN, School Nurse, Mother of a 12 year old girl

Women's Empowerment is a great program to empower girls, helping them to avoid getting into dangerous situations and how to say a strong "No" when needed and a lot more!"
-Kate Mackinnon, PT, CST-D, Author, Speaker, www.kmackinnon.com

“My daughter attended your Boundary Setting Workshop last night & came home so excited. She told me all about the class & how much she learned from you. She will be applying what she learned at school to even friends that can be not so nice. On the car ride home she gave me all sorts of examples how to handle situations when girls are being mean. She discussed body language, how to verbalize firmly & what to say. It was amazing! The lessons you taught her are invaluable. Thank you for a wonderful class. She thoroughly enjoyed it!”
-Suzanne Sterling, Mother of an 11 year old girl

“Kurukula Women's Empowerment is fantastic! I can’t explain the confidence it gave my two daughters. Both older teenagers going off to college, but facing the dating scene still in high school. When can you say “No?" ALWAYS! Kurukula gave them the tools not only to read different scenarios, but gain confidence and the skills for self-defense. Becoming self-sufficient and believing in yourself while staying safe! This class is so worth it!”
-Tracy Wiley, Mother of teen girls

"I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from the girls- they really love your class!”

Shelly Thomas, Raskob School Director

“Your approach was wonderful! This is so important for our girls to have, I am so lucky to have you!”
-Lark Armstrong, Parent of teen girl

“The first thing my daughter said when she had completed Kurukula Women's Empowerment was that many bad situations can be avoided just by showing confidence & staying in public areas. And if the situation can't be avoided she really liked the different ways to push off the aggressor!"
-Alicia Beymer, Mother of a college women

“I can’t help but want to smile, because now I feel empowered!”
-Miriam (age 11)

“Kurukula Women's Empowerment has taught me to notice situations that I have not seen before.”
-Emma (age 17)

“That was the most fun I had at a self-defense class!”
-Caley (age 12)