Women's Empowerment Program

Confident,Fearless,Safe. Now it's Your Turn.

Confident,Fearless,Safe. Now it's Your Turn.

Find your Voice… Your Purpose…
2019 Workshops:

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Workshop topics include:

  • Middle-School Success
  • Anti-bullying & Self-Esteem Building
  • Dating Safety & Sexual Predators
  • Hands on Self-Defense
  • Navigating MeToo Culture (available for co-ed audiences)
  • Healthy Boundaries & Consent in Relationships (available for co-ed audiences, ages 10 to adult)
  • Develop Your Sexual Assault Radar

If you can't get to our class these items bring our skills to you:


New Book by Kurukula Founder:

Jerky Johnny® Game:

Promo Video:
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