Women's Empowerment Program

Confident,Fearless,Safe. Now it's Your Turn.

Confident,Fearless,Safe. Now it's Your Turn.

“You learn how real things happen.” Hannah M. (age 12)

1. What do I need to bring to workshop?
An open mind and a smile. If you are taking our intuitive self-defense workshop please wear comfortable work-out clothes and sneakers for movement. You should also bring a bottled water and a pen and notebook if you wish to take notes.

2. What can I expect at each class?
Depends on the class. Some workshops are lecture only, others are half movement, half empowering discussions. Our workshops teach you to be Confident, Fearless, and Safe.

3. What type of self-defense do we learn?
You will learn intuitive self-defense that includes awareness and avoidance tactics with simple hands-on practical skills . Anyone can learn these effective skills.

4. What does the name Kurukula mean? Is it religious?
Kurukula Women's Empowerment is named after the Tibetan Goddess of Empowerment. She is very symbolic in Eastern mythology. She represents the one who has “awakened energy” or “enlightenment” and “power”. The name and program have no religious affiliation.

5. How many students are there per workshop?
Our program is very popular! We strive to ensure every participant is comfortable. Speaking engagements or conferences tend to be larger audiences. If you prefer a smaller workshop please contact us about scheduling a private in your home or office.

6. How can I get a private Kurukula workshop ?
If you can provide us a space for a workshop to be held we may be able to offer a private workshop in your home, office, school, or church. Please email us at empower@kurukula.org for details.

7.How can I talk to someone by phone?
If you wish to speak to our director please call Dara at 510-847-2400.

8. I believe in your work, how can I help?
As a service organization, we rely heavily on the support of our community. If you are interested in supporting our organization email empower@kurukula.org for our current wishlist.

9. What is your cancellation policy?

We will work with you to reschedule your workshop based on availability. There is a $25 re-booking fee for private events. In the rare event you cancel your private group entirely, full payment will be forfeited as we cannot process refunds.

10. Where can we buy the learning game that is used in your girls workshops?
Kurukula Women's Empowerment uses the Jerky Johnny® safety game to help young people learn assertiveness skills for real-life situations. Visit www.jerkyjohnny.com to learn more.